“A history of my cameras”

It all started with a Praktica MTL3 and currently stands at a Nikon D7000. Back in 1978 (I was just 14 years) I bought my first analog camera. It was a (Eastern) German Praktica MTL3. It was a piece of sh*t but it was mine! I remember smashing it to pieces with a hammer after 4 years, out of pure frustration when it jammed, again. It was time to move on to a proper camera!

After long contemplating I decided to go for a Minolta X500. (Nikon was too expensive for me in those days). It was the best decision I ever made! Such quality, such great photos. I mainly made slides using Fuji film. I started experimenting with tele and zoom lenses and filters. Great results in Iceland using a polarizing filter. (the link is to the X700, which almost the same camera.)

In 2002 I moved on to the digital era with the Fuji Finepix. What a difference from analogue. Had lots of fun. Loved it.

Around 2003 I moved back to my beloved brand Minolta and acquired the Dimage 7i. (5 Megapixel!) Again, high quality for a very reasonable price. I remember taking it along to Argentina on my 40th birthday. That was in 2004.

During my fishing trips I always carry my waterproof compact Olympus in my fishing vest for great underwater pictures. Sometimes I take my Nikon D7000 along and focus on taking “proper” photographs. I got introduced to Nikon a couple of years ago when I was fishing the beautiful Miramichi river in New Brunswick. My fishing pal Rene had a Nikon D200 with him and allowed me to use it a few time. I immediately fell in love with the quality of the camera. They way felt, the way it worked. Just wow. Later on Rene decided to move to a Full frame Nikon and I grabbed the chance to buy his D200. Recently I felt the time was right to hand the D200 to my son and get myself a new D7000. After all, your best equipment is always your next equipment 🙂