Iceland during the analog years

Project Description

Many moons ago I grabbed the chance to travel to Iceland… My long time friend Bas had an excellent Jeep (Toyota High-Lux) which he had taken to Iceland before. Since I had plenty of time on my hands (I was “in between” jobs. This trip led to my first “proper job”, sales manager for the Ari T Hart factory. Indeed, the maker of those wonderful reels). We agreed that I would drive his truck all the way to Hanstholm, Denmark were I would take the ferry to Iceland, with a stop-over on the beautiful Faroer Islands. Later on, Bas took a flight to Reykjavik and we fished together for 2 weeks. The whole trip took me 6 weeks away from home and tarmac roads. We fished for Atlantic Salmon, Trout and Arctic Char. It was the most adventurous trip of my life.

The photos in this portfolio are scans from old slides which I made with my Minolta camera and Fuji film. Enjoy 🙂

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Project Details

June 27th, 1988
Atlantic Salmon, Europe, Fly Fishing, Iceland, Photography, Trout & Grayling