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  • Mohlin products can be ordered through the website, by phone or fax.
  • All orders are confirmed with an e-mail (or fax) stating the full details of the requested product. This will include product details, expected delivery time and price including postage & packing.
  • After a buyer has received the order confirmation e-mail (or fax), he or she will be asked to confirm it one more time. This way both sides will be sure that the order details are correct.
  • After the final order confirmation, will send the buyer a request for payment through Paypal. (Online Internet payment service)
  • On request, payments can be sent via bank-to-bank transfer
  • After the payment has been received, will e-mail a confirmation to the buyer and the order will be processed.



  • Inside EU countries: retail price is including vat, you pay no further vat and/or import duties.
  • Outside EU countries: retail price is excluding vat, you might have to pay local vat and/or import duties.



  • For online payments buyers need to have access to either a Visa or a Master credit card.
  • will send a digital invoice to the buyer through Paypal.
  • If a buyer does not have access to a Visa or Master credit card, payments can be realised through International bank-to-bank transfers. Our bank information will be e-mailed or faxed to the buyer.



  • New Mohlin reels & products can be returned for a full refund when new and undamaged and in original packing.
  • If a returned new Mohlin reel or product is damaged it will not be accepted for a refund and it will be returned to the owner. Postage & packing will be charged to the owner.
  • If a returned new Mohlin reel or product is accepted, will give a full refund, no questions asked.
  • Mohlin reels & products carry a full 5 year warranty for manufacturing errors.
  • Before returning a Mohlin reel or product, should always be contacted!
  • Manufacturing errors will always be repaired free of charge.
  • Other damage or errors will be fixed against a pre-agreed amount of money.
  • Packing & shipping to Sweden must be arranged by the owner, return post & package will be paid by
  • does not accept any liability for damage or loss of a Mohlin product during shipping.