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Q; Can I return a reel in case I decide I do not want it after all?
A; Yes, if the reel is still new and undamaged (no scratches) you can return it for a full refund. No questions asked.
Q; What kind of warranty do I get on my new Mohlin reel or products?
A; Mohlin reels & products carry an unlimited full 5 year warranty for manufacturing errors.

(But don't worry, your great-grandchildren will probably will still be fishing with your Mohlin reel(s) .... It is just that we do not believe in this "lifetime warranty" stuff. We all know that such a thing does not exist.)
Q; What it the delivery time for a Mohlin reel or product?
A; For products in stock; we ship the same day (airfreight-priority) as we receive your payment.

For the USA and Canada this normally means a delivery time of 6 to 8 working days.

For products not in stock (custom made orders); we will always provide you with an estimated delivery time before you confirm you order.

For Your Information; Custom made reels normally have a production time of 3 to 4 months from ordering date.
Q; How do I know how much shipping & packing costs I have to pay?
A; We will always send you a quoting before you buy.
Q; Do I have to pay import duties and/or vat when I receive your products?

A; That depends on where you are living.

-No extra tax or VAT for people within the European community.
(Dutch vat is included in the listed retail prices.)

-People living outside the European community (USA, Australia, Canada, etc.) probably have to pay local import tax and vat when they receive our products.

However, the export prices to those countries are 25% lower!
(Because we take of the European VAT, see also our export price lists.)

The level of taxes and vat varies from country to country and from state to state. To make sure what will happen, please contact your local tax office.

Q; What size or model reel is best for me?
A; Just drop us an e-mail describing your rod and your fishing and we will be happy to give you some personal assistance in choosing the right reel for you.
Q; Do I need an adjustable drag or will a click drag do?
A; Normally the Mohlin reels are designed in a way that they have the right type of drag for the right type of fishing. We believe that reels up to a # 6 line normally do not need an adjustable drag. If you have doubts or questions, please feel free to contact us.
Q; Does the line class rating for the Mohlin reels include space for backing?
A; Yes, there should always be enough space for your backing according the line class rating. This means; a little bit of backing for the lighter line classes and a lot of backing for the heavier ones.
Q; Can the reel be changed from left hand to right hand and the other way round?
A; No, Mohlin reels have to be ordered according your personal preferences. (Left hand or Right hand wind) However, Bo Mohlin can change reels in his own workshop, although that is quite a labor intensive and therefore expensive job.
Q; Can I order any color reel for saltwater fishing?
A; No, Mohlin of Sweden only guarantees a full saltwater resistance for all black reels. And even with black reels we advice to rinse your reel with fresh water after your fishing trip.
Q; Can I order a reel with no ventilation holes in the spool or frame?
A; Yes, that is no problem.
Q; Can I order a reel with a gold frame and a black spool?
A; Yes, we can make you any color combination using Silver, Black, Gold or Gun Metal Blue.
Q; Can I have my own name engraved in the reel after I bought it?
A; No, engraving can only be done before the anodizing process. Engraving after anodizing will ruin the anodizing layer.
Q; If I order a separate leather reel case, what size do I need?
A; Just drop us an e-mail with your model Mohlin reel. Or if you would like to use it for an other brand of reel, just send us the brand, model and dimensions and we will make a reel case that fits.